What is long tail keyword research

A lot of people still dont understand how critically important it is to find and use the correct keywords in our articles and websites in order to be successful online.

It is an unfortunate fact that we can have the best and most beautiful website in the world, but without the correct, relevant keywords, we are dead in the water.
What is a keyword ?

Simply put, a keyword is a word or sentence that people would enter in their browser when they do an online search for something on the internet.

It normally consist of a number of words, and is also referred to as a keyword phrase or a search term. These are are just a fancy term for what people would normally type into their browsers when they are looking for something.
Long Tail Keyword

As the name would suggest, a long tail keyword is simply a sentence made up from a number of words relevant to our article or a post on our website.

In other words, a search term consisting of say 6 or 8 words, would be called a long tail keyword, because it is not just one or two words.

Why are keywords so important ?

OK, here’s the thing. Let’s say a mother is looking for a place to buy baby clothes for her 6 month old baby. She already made up her mind that she must buy some baby clothes, but she now wants to do a bit more research to see what is available and where she can get it from.

It stands to reason she will not type in something like muscle cars or paint brushes, right ? No, she will type in a few words relevant to her search.

If we promote baby clothes on our website, and this mother types in the same keywords that we have targeted and built our site around, then chances are good that she will end up on our site.

The art of choosing the right keywords

I call it an “art” because there is more to it than what meets the eye. Let me explain :

First, we need to try and anticipate what words or search term people would type into their browsers when doing a search.
If we have a reasonable idea, the next hurdle would be the competition we will face from other websites on the internet with the same targeted keywords.
We need to try and be somewhat different…. not be exactly the same as all the others out there.
If we can succeed in targeting a keyword phrase which is totally relevant to our product, and nobody else has that same keyword phrase, and our keyword phrase is likely to match what people will use in their browsers, then we are cooking with gas as the saying goes.


Let’s take the mom looking to buy new baby clothes again, ok ? Now if she types in baby clothes, she will get many thousands of results, because the search term is considered to be too broad.

If she narrows it down to baby clothes for 6 month old baby, she will get less results but more relevant to her search.

If she goes further and types in baby clothes for 6 month old baby boy in Los Angeles, it would be much more targeted, and she can even go further and use where to buy baby clothes for 6 month old baby boy in Los Angeles.

The last examples are typical long tail keywords.
Why use long tail keywords ?

Well, it’s simply a matter of trying to outfox the competition, ok ? By using shorter, more general type keywords, we will be faced with a lot of competition from other websites on the internet.

By using longer search terms (long tail keywords), there will probably be less searches but they will be a lot more responsive, because our keyword is an exact match or almost exact match of what the person had typed in.

In other words, we present them with exactly what they were looking for in the first place, understand ?

Another advantage of long tail keywords is that eventually the search engines like Google will rank our article or page for several keywords encapsulated within that one single long tail keyword.

Our example above of where to buy baby clothes for 6 month old baby boy in Los Angeles, can eventually rate for any of the following keywords :

Where to bay baby clothes
Where to buy baby clothes for 6 month old baby
Where to buy baby clothes for 6 month old baby boy
Baby clothes
Baby clothes for 6 month old baby
Baby clothes for 6 month old baby boy
Etc etc

How do we know the keyword is right ?

These days they make it easy for us with the use of keyword tools. There are many free and paid versions available, and I talk more about this in one of my other articles. You can read more by going here, and see what it’s all about.

A keyword tool basically gives you an analysis of the keyword or term you would like to use, by telling you how many searches per month it receives, how many other sites there already are with that same keyword (ie your competition), and a lot more.


Keyword research is an integral and essential part of the requirements of being successful on the internet. We need to figure out what people will type in when they do a search. If we can manage to match those search terms, we are well on the way.

I want to thank you for the courtesy to allow me to chat to you today. I sincerely hope that I was able to provide you with some answers regarding keywords and long tail keywords.

Feel free to leave a comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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