The Advantage of YouTube Marketing

YouTube has been one of the greatest and the most popular social media platform since forever. Millions of people stay connected to all the recent happenings around them through videos on YouTube. It’s a great way to reach out to the world and get attention to your thoughts and ideas. Many YouTubers every year earn so much profit due to the posts they upload over it.

What makes them popular is the huge amount of population that always has an eye over something new ready to go viral on the internet. Videos start to get likes and dislikes, people start to subscribe to your channel and you get popular overnight. All you have to do is do something not so usual and get as much traffic to your video as possible.

With that huge viewership, YouTube is undoubtedly the best place to make your business flourish and earn good profits. It will save you a lot of time and will be a money saver as well. With the strategy of video marketing, you could get a lot of attention to your brand or product and get some great help for your business. There are many other benefits of using YouTube for business, read below to know more about them:

  • Viral marketing:

As mentioned above, YouTube is the most used social media platform out of all the others it is bound to generate attention for your brand in large amounts. To put this attention to use, you can use Viral Marketing strategy which includes generating videos that could spread more and more information related to your brand and the services you provide. If the videos you presented are in any way useful to your audience, you will start getting shares and this will increase your video and brand’s value manifolds.

  • Improve rankings on Search Engines:

YouTube is the most searched social media platform on any search engine. Even the videos that are searched belong mostly to YouTube. So if you get famous on YouTube, you are more likely to improve your ranking in the search engines as well. This will drive a lot of traffic towards your website and increase your business. Treating your YouTube videos as your work of blog could help you improve a lot of content and information wise.

  • Improve your social media marketing:

Sharing your YouTube videos to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. is a very easy process. Your videos on other platforms would increase the viewership exponentially and the business would definitely take off. According to research, just one video nicely share can generate 1200% more of the shares in the form of text and images.

  • You could reach a global audience easily:

YouTube can spread your word to the global levels and make you a lot popular and doesn’t require a certain device necessarily for it to work.

YouTube SEO can be the best option you can resort to if you want to spread your business and earn heavy profits. The best part being the minimum input that you have to put in and the great outputs that you are bound to receive.

Why We Need SEO For Business Promotion

The term SEO is very much popular in the world of business promotion and also in online marketing. In the era of advanced technology, strong presence in online and the brand reputation is very much essential for the success in competitive market. Most of the business owners have wrong assumption that, just a good website will drive them towards achieving greater traffic for their website. As search engine optimization techniques will determine the level of success of a business, so it becomes quite much essential for the business to understand about techniques about SEO in promoting the business.

The SEO process helps to make your websites user-friendly for both user and also for the search engine spiders to understand about the website. Though search engines are made up of highly sophisticated algorithms but still they can’t understand in which ways humans validate a website. This SEO process will helps to get top ranking for your websites in the ranking page.

There are quite number reasons regarding why we need SEO in promoting a business:

Majority of the customers spend their most of the time in researching about a particular product or the services. The website that has higher rankings is considered as the most trusted site from the view of the consumers and as such the websites at the top of search engine will get higher click than others. Obviously it results in increased sales and provides more profit to the business.

Strong business integrity

The users of the internet make certain short form of notes regarding the ranking of the websites that they get while searching for particular services. These rankings give a sort confidence in the mind of the customers. In the current day’s majority of the search engine are used by the customers in order to find their required reliable product or the services. SEO also assists/helps to compete with the larger companies in terms of website ranking.

Greater ROI in advertisement

SEO are considered as the most trusted and effective methods of promoting a business. SEO provides with higher return on investment in the business platform rather than other types for advertisement. With help of the SEO techniques you can target both local and global customers.

The website traffic plays a greater role in determining the sales and profit of the business. Similarly the website that has higher ranking in the search engine page they will be provided with increased business traffic.

Assures proper insight to the customers

From all the above mentioned facts, it is quite clear that SEO will increase the traffic of your website. You can make use of various analytic tools in order to monitor the performance of your website. The data provided will give deep insight about the customer activity regarding their key word search. These data and metrics are very much essential in order to take decisions about your business both online as well as offline.

Type of SEO services

SEO services Brisbane are broadly classified into two types. They are: Off –page optimization and on-page optimization.

The process of on-page optimization, it deals with refining the contents of the website. This will in turn makes the website to rank higher in search engine. Some of the main services that are offered by on-page optimization are as follows: key word analysis, creating an optimized title and tags, building of keyword rich content and also optimizing the content of HTML tags.

This deals with the process implementing a theme based building strategy. This will results in the popularity of the websites and reputation of the websites.This will provides a sort of assurance to the website to get only the qualified link. In addition there are still more features of both on-page optimization and off-page optimization, both of these types are very much essential for a business. Without the implementation of the SEO techniques, your website will become non-existent in the world of online.

Some of the other services of SEO are SEO training, evaluating the design of the websites and still more. Search for the best SEO Company that provides you with the best SEO services and helps you get better growth in the business.

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What is long tail keyword research

A lot of people still dont understand how critically important it is to find and use the correct keywords in our articles and websites in order to be successful online.

It is an unfortunate fact that we can have the best and most beautiful website in the world, but without the correct, relevant keywords, we are dead in the water.
What is a keyword ?

Simply put, a keyword is a word or sentence that people would enter in their browser when they do an online search for something on the internet.

It normally consist of a number of words, and is also referred to as a keyword phrase or a search term. These are are just a fancy term for what people would normally type into their browsers when they are looking for something.
Long Tail Keyword

As the name would suggest, a long tail keyword is simply a sentence made up from a number of words relevant to our article or a post on our website.

In other words, a search term consisting of say 6 or 8 words, would be called a long tail keyword, because it is not just one or two words.

Why are keywords so important ?

OK, here’s the thing. Let’s say a mother is looking for a place to buy baby clothes for her 6 month old baby. She already made up her mind that she must buy some baby clothes, but she now wants to do a bit more research to see what is available and where she can get it from.

It stands to reason she will not type in something like muscle cars or paint brushes, right ? No, she will type in a few words relevant to her search.

If we promote baby clothes on our website, and this mother types in the same keywords that we have targeted and built our site around, then chances are good that she will end up on our site.

The art of choosing the right keywords

I call it an “art” because there is more to it than what meets the eye. Let me explain :

First, we need to try and anticipate what words or search term people would type into their browsers when doing a search.
If we have a reasonable idea, the next hurdle would be the competition we will face from other websites on the internet with the same targeted keywords.
We need to try and be somewhat different…. not be exactly the same as all the others out there.
If we can succeed in targeting a keyword phrase which is totally relevant to our product, and nobody else has that same keyword phrase, and our keyword phrase is likely to match what people will use in their browsers, then we are cooking with gas as the saying goes.


Let’s take the mom looking to buy new baby clothes again, ok ? Now if she types in baby clothes, she will get many thousands of results, because the search term is considered to be too broad.

If she narrows it down to baby clothes for 6 month old baby, she will get less results but more relevant to her search.

If she goes further and types in baby clothes for 6 month old baby boy in Los Angeles, it would be much more targeted, and she can even go further and use where to buy baby clothes for 6 month old baby boy in Los Angeles.

The last examples are typical long tail keywords.
Why use long tail keywords ?

Well, it’s simply a matter of trying to outfox the competition, ok ? By using shorter, more general type keywords, we will be faced with a lot of competition from other websites on the internet.

By using longer search terms (long tail keywords), there will probably be less searches but they will be a lot more responsive, because our keyword is an exact match or almost exact match of what the person had typed in.

In other words, we present them with exactly what they were looking for in the first place, understand ?

Another advantage of long tail keywords is that eventually the search engines like Google will rank our article or page for several keywords encapsulated within that one single long tail keyword.

Our example above of where to buy baby clothes for 6 month old baby boy in Los Angeles, can eventually rate for any of the following keywords :

Where to bay baby clothes
Where to buy baby clothes for 6 month old baby
Where to buy baby clothes for 6 month old baby boy
Baby clothes
Baby clothes for 6 month old baby
Baby clothes for 6 month old baby boy
Etc etc

How do we know the keyword is right ?

These days they make it easy for us with the use of keyword tools. There are many free and paid versions available, and I talk more about this in one of my other articles. You can read more by going here, and see what it’s all about.

A keyword tool basically gives you an analysis of the keyword or term you would like to use, by telling you how many searches per month it receives, how many other sites there already are with that same keyword (ie your competition), and a lot more.


Keyword research is an integral and essential part of the requirements of being successful on the internet. We need to figure out what people will type in when they do a search. If we can manage to match those search terms, we are well on the way.

I want to thank you for the courtesy to allow me to chat to you today. I sincerely hope that I was able to provide you with some answers regarding keywords and long tail keywords.

Feel free to leave a comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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What are Google Penalties and How to avoid these?

Before the concept of World Wide Web was known to anyone, gathering information was very tedious. But, thanks to the great minds like one of Tim Berner Lee, who gave birth to the biggest community which we call today as “www” or Internet. Today, we just need a computer with an Internet connection and we can explore the whole world in a go.

Talking about the Internet, one cannot forget the importance of Search Engines. These are the most vital part or you can say the bridge to reach what you are looking for. Furthermore, the concept of search engines looks irrelevant if we don’t mention the gigantic search engine- Google. Founded in 1998, this is the most used search engine ever. Anyone who is associated with a website as a webmaster, as a visitor or as a developer, knows the importance of Google. But this also leads to the competition among people to get their websites ranked in the top results of Google. This is where SEO or search engine optimization comes into play. Sometimes, the webmasters are deliberately in a dream to get their sites on top. Hence, they build unnatural low quality links, which leads to their sites penalized by Google. However, this practice can be avoided by knowing what these penalties are and how they can be avoided.

There are basically two types of Google Penalties:

1. Manual

2. Algorithmic

Manual Penalties occur when your website fails to follow Google’s search and quality guidelines. In this case, you receive a message from Google in your webmaster tool account about your whole site or some particular pages being penalized. Resulting to which, your site doesn’t appear in search engine results.

Further Manual penalty can be divided into 2 categories:

Site-wide Match: Applies to the whole website.

Partial Match: Can apply to certain page of the website.

Algorithmic Penalty: These are a result of the refinement (updates) in the search algorithm of Google. These are done by Google, in order to hit the rankings of the website which do not solely follow its guidelines.

These Algorithm updates are of two types:

Google Panda Update: This Algorithm update was first introduced in Feb, 2011. It looks for the sites with duplicate or low quality content or both. Websites that fall into this category, experience significant downfall in the Search engine rankings. And those who follow the quality and unique content remain unaffected or get a boost in the rankings.

Above is the detail of updated algorithms of Panda. Panda mainly focuses on user experience. Better user experience leads to top ranking.

Google Penguin Update: Unlike Panda, penguin updated algorithm is based on rendering results on the nature of backlinks. The first Google Penguin update rolled out on 24th April, 2012. It hurts the websites which have negative, low PR, or Spam links.

The penguin update mainly focuses on getting links in an ethical manner. But the case also includes not involving in the practice of over optimization. Even if you go white hat all the time, your website can see down rankings unless you know the correct ratio. Whereby it needs to be maintained else you will get hit hard.

Google is refining its algorithm day by day and this is quite alarming for black hat practitioners.

How to recover from Google penalties like Panda, Penguin etc.?

If you have been hit by the panda or Penguin updates of Google, the first step you need to take is “Analyze”. Analyze your website against the update. What that update focuses on? For eg: the latest penguin updates focused on link diversity and anchor text distribution. See if your website was following the rules until the update was out? If not, make adjustments according to the changes to avoid such drops in ranking in future.

If your site has been penalized by Google, then you will receive a message in your webmaster account. The main reason of penalizing is the unnatural links, low quality content and copied content. If you have been penalized because of unnatural links, then you will have to remove them at the earliest. You can download a list of negative links from the Google webmasters and other available online tools. The best way to remove bad links is to remove it manually by requesting the webmasters of the linked websites. But if this is not possible, you can also request Google not to consider them by using the “Disavow tool”

Why these hit you? How much time requires recovering from these?

Since the beginning, Google has always been improving its algorithm to chop out the spammers of the results. Days are gone when anyone with fake, low quality content and huge number of unnatural links can rule the results. If you practice this today, you are most likely to get hit by this search engine. In brief, we increase the chances of getting hit by intentionally or unintentionally violating Google guidelines. This type of practices can adversely affect our business online.

No Black Hat SEO Can Render Good Results

The time for recovery depends on the type of penalty your website has been hit by.

If it is by algorithmic updates, then the recovery would be a bit slow. It can take a month or two to regain the ranking. If you get backlinks from high authority websites, you can achieve faster results.

In case of manual penalty, you will need to collect all the negative results. Then after, you need to either disallow them using the webmaster’s disavow tool or manually remove them. Once you are done with either of them, you can send your website for consideration. Your website starts showing in results soon after the request (if everything goes right).

How one can avoid these penalties in advance?

There is a very simply yet effective mantra to avoid these penalties. That is “Always use white hat techniques of SEO and customize your website according to the Google Guidelines”. Plan your work strategy according to the Google algorithm updates. If you abide by this mantra, you don’t have to panic about the update penalties.

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